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Anonymous asked:

My gorgeous latina girlfriend Giselle loves to go party and get drunk, and whenever she gets drunk she gets really horny. Last weekend she was at a party and was texting me all night about how drunk she was getting and about 2 big guys that kept hitting on her. Then, at about 2 am the text I get says "these 2 wont leave me be, im gonna go shut them up" and I don't hear from her until the next day. How do you think she shut them up and what did she do all night?

cheatersandcucks answered:


Your girlfriend turned off her phone and stuck it in her purse. She didn’t need you calling and ruining her night. She was too drunk and too horny to care about you right now.

In front of her were the two guys that had been hitting on her all night. She took their hands and led them into a spare room. “I’m getting real fucking tired of listening to you hitting on me all the time. I’m really drunk and that makes me super horny so…if you guys shut up with the flirting…I’ll let you fuck me right here and now.”

The two guys looked at each other then back at your girl. “Deal!”

They all took off their clothes. When your girlfriend saw their cocks, she said, “Oh my god! Those are fucking huge! You’re like each twice as big as my boyfriend. Holy shit. Stretch my mouth.” She grabbed their cocks and took turns sucking them.

One of the guys sat her up on a sectional and slid his cock into her pussy while she blew the other guy. “Mmm! Oh fuck, papi!” she said. “You’re so fucking big in my pussy!”

Your girlfriend spent the rest of the night fucking and sucking their big cocks. Even when she started to sober up, she kept at it. When one of the guys blew their load, she would swallow his cum and let him rest up while the other guy fucked her. They would take turns like that until the sun came up and they passed out from exhaustion.